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Spring is the ideal time to do outdoor community projects. Not only does it bring about positive change in the community, but it establishes memorable connections with new and old friends.

There are numerous outdoor spring projects that have a specific goal and objective. Likewise, it is easy to do more than one project to fit the needs of your group and community. For instance, outdoor community projects can be organized to help the neighborhood, senior citizens, the homeless, animals or the environment. For some ideas on where to start, these are some popular community projects you can complete this spring.

Plant a community garden.

Unfortunately, many areas have a large population of homeless people. Consider reaching out to residents and the homeless in your neighborhood to help you plant a community garden. Everyone can come and take the crops as needed, and everyone is expected to work together. Not only can this help provide food to those in need, but it can also teach them a valuable skill that can help in the future.

Organize an outdoor talent show; donate the proceeds to a good cause.

Every neighborhood has people who are talented in one area or another. Consider passing out and posting fliers for a community talent show in a local park. Not only will you provide a venue for people to meet and uplift each other, you can charge a small ticket fee that can raise money for a cause of your choice.

Go on walks with the elderly who need companions.

Many elders are able to take leisurely strolls around the neighborhood, but do not want to do so alone. They may be fearful of getting hurt or being a target for crime. They also may be lonely. Try to cultivate a relationship with these people, and offer to go for a walk with them. Many elderly people are wise and have a good sense of humor, and you may just make a great friend or two in the process.

Organize a community dog wash and donate the proceeds to animal shelters.

Have you ever tried to wash a dog? Most don’t want to stay still long enough, and they can get water and dirt all over your bathroom. Consider getting a group together and hosting a community dog wash. You can help clean up some pups, and in return, receive donations for a local animal shelter. Many dog owners would love some help cleaning up their house, one dog at a time.

Although there are tons of ways to help out your community, these are some of the more fun options that will still provide a great service. No matter what you choose, I challenge you to give back to your community this spring by starting an outdoor community project.