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Chad Roffers

Chairman Concierge Auctions

Chairman of international luxury real estate company, Concierge Auctions.

Philanthropic endeavors and charitable work.

Technological advances in the real estate industry.

Chad Roffers is the Chairman to NYC based international luxury real estate company, Concierge Auctions. Added to the list of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in the United States in 2014, Concierge Auctions continues to command the luxury real estate auctions segment of luxury residential real estate.

Being an innovative entrepreneur himself, Chad Roffers has always been passionate about supporting entrepreneurs with vision. Upon meeting Caroline Pinal and Blake Andrews of Giveback Homes, Roffers could see they were bright and innovative people on a mission. Chad and the Concierge Auctions team worked with Giveback Homes on a couple of fundraising events at real estate conferences and saw the incredible work that they were doing in Nicaragua. Roffers later traveled to Nicaragua in December of 2016, along with some of the Concierge Auctions team members, and helped build a home for a family in need.


Chad’s early experience with Giveback Homes was truly transformational for him. During college, Chad had the opportunity to travel extensively and visited many developing nations, but being in Nicaragua and seeing the overwhelming poverty was truly heartbreaking for Roffers. Upon meeting the family that they were working for and realizing the importance of their efforts, Roffers was inspired to create the Key for Key™ program at Concierge Auctions. Today, Chad Roffers and the Concierge Auctions team tie their success directly to a program that changes lives for families in need. Housing is generational, thus the Key for Key™ project has real resonance for the long term.


In the past few years, Chad has had the opportunity to travel back to Nicaragua and help a family in dire need of support. The father’s kidneys had started to fail, and the eldest daughter and mother had to work to support the entire family. The most troubling part was the lack of shelter, as the family often had to sleep alongside their farm animals in an unsafe and unhealthy environment. After Chad Roffers and the team heard of this story, they knew they had to help. So, they traveled to Nicaragua and built a sturdy home for the family. After living in this home for some time, the family’s health had improved, including the father, whose kidneys began to recover.

Since its launch, the Key for Key™ program has influenced and impacted the entire team of marketers and engineers, as well as the operations and technology teams at Concierge Auctions. Working with so many millennials, and understanding their passion for philanthropy, Chad realized the potential impact a program such as Key for Key™ could have . By initiating this program, Chad has given his employees a way to directly connect their achievement at work with a higher purpose.