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When you think of a charity, you probably think of giving spare change to the Salvation Army bell ringers or donating to help victims of natural disasters. 2017 showed us that the need out there is much larger than we can imagine, and yet, many people still will not donate. If you want to get something back from donating, CharityBuzz is the perfect place for you.

CharityBuzz is a website where companies, celebrities, and other people can donate a fun experience. The average user would then go on and bid for the chance to win the experience. The winner pays the money, which then goes to the charity associated with the prize, and enjoys a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So what kinds of experiences can you expect on this site? Right now, there is a listing for two tickets to the next Super Bowl, which is now at $6500. The estimated value is $8000, and I expect bidders to blow that number out by the end of the auction, which has 13 days left.

Another fun experience is a 5 night all-inclusive trip to Fiji, where you will stay in an oceanfront hotel. Meals and other activities are included, so this is essentially like paying for a full vacation. However, the current bid is $550, and the estimated value is $1700. Just as the Super Bowl auction had two weeks left, so does this one.

One more prize is two tickets to the Grammy awards, as well as two after-party passes. There are four hours left for this auction, and it is at $16,000. The estimated value is $20,000. This is the most exclusive of the three auctions mentioned, and may surpass the estimation. However, the chance that it won’t is the interesting part. On CharityBuzz, you may be able to snag some amazing experiences for less than what they’re worth.

Now that I have you intrigued, let’s look at some of the charities. On the website, you can choose a charity from the drop-down menu and see which charities are supporting that cause. For example, the American-Italian Cancer Foundation currently lists 14 auctions, ranging from items to vacations to luxury dinners. Most charities will only have one or two auctions, but some, like this one, stay more active.

Donating to charity is a great endeavor, but CharityBuzz makes it fun to donate a large sum. If you are considering taking a trip or having some extravagant experience, I suggest checking out CharityBuzz first. You may find something more worth your time, and your money will go to people who really need it.